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Hanover Adams Rehabilitation and Training Center

Our Mission

The HART CENTER provides vocational rehabilitation and a variety of work experiences for adults with disabilities (also referred to as individuals) residing in Adams and Western York Counties. The HART CENTER’S primary objective is to provide each individual with opportunities for personal growth and self-dependency with regard to work skills. Individuals choose to obtain competitive employment whenever possible. In addition, the HART CENTER offers extended work training programs to individuals needing more support and structure to reach their vocational objectives. Individual choice, satisfaction and opportunity are emphasized at the HART CENTER.

HART Essence

In essence, the HART Center is a community of individuals who are motivated and eager to learn work skills. Contracts are provided by local businesses and everyone comes together to produce a high quality product. Fund-raising events help to supplement our tight budget. Our many volunteers, including the Board of Directors, are indispensable in helping HART meet its mission.

Our Philosophy 

The philosophy of the HART Center is based on the premise that each individual has worth, potential, and a unique gift to share with their community. It is the belief of HART that adults with disabilities can achieve their vocational dreams.


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  • “To sum up the HART Center in a few sentences is not an easy task. The cost effectiveness of the services provided along with the focus of the employees and staff is extraordinary. The prompt turnaround time and accuracy of our inventory once a job is completed is impeccable. Definitely a great community service to have available.”

    John Petchonka, Director of Operations, U.S. Media Partners, New York


Why Choose HART Center for Outsourcing

The HART Center is a private, non-profit human service, vocational rehabilitation facility located in New Oxford, Pa. Serving the community for over 40 years…….the HART Center provides high quality work and workforce to meet challenging deadlines. The center provides a variety of work training experiences for adults with disabilities in Adams and western York counties. Currently, 150 individuals with development disabilities, chronic metal illiness or those with physical challenges perform a variety of fulfillment projects and sub contract work for area businesses.

HART Center can be your answer for:

  • Small Parts Assembly
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Custom Packaging
  • Sorting
  • Labeling
  • Collating/Mailings
  • Quality Control/Inspections
  • Fulfillment Projects

Upcoming HART Center Events

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  • “Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. is proud to support the H.A.R.T. Center and what it represents to the community. By partnering with them on multiple packaging projects and services, they provide a cost effective alternative to supplement our internal capabilities.”

    Chuck Stroda, Vice President, Procurement, Snyder’s-Lance Inc., Hanover, PA

HART Center Thrift Store

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HART Center | Thrift Store

All proceeds from the thrift store will directly benefit the HART Center, a program serving adults with disabilities in both Adams and York counties. Any questions, contact Janice at 717-624-4323. We will provide you with a receipt and a valuation breakdown. However, you will need to keep a list of items donated in order to complete the form for your records.