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What we do…….on a regular day

HART Center employees meet the fulfillment needs of the business community. From packaging product for warehouse clubs to small parts assembly and packaging, our employees can complete a wide array of projects. The HART Center is a wise choice and cost effective solution for any business. Just ask……

How do I benefit from Outsourcing to the HART Center

The HART Center can help your company save time and expense coping with labor shortages, special projects, quality control, redundant tasks that consume valuable time, and deadlines that you can’t meet. The HART Center has been a valuable alternative for business for over 47 years. Approximately 50 businesses have utilized HART Center for their outsourcing needs in recent years. You can too! To discuss your outsourcing needs and/or for immediate quotes, please contact: Janice Redding, Deputy Director at 717-624-4323 X310

  • “Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. is proud to support the H.A.R.T. Center and what it represents to the community. By partnering with them on multiple packaging projects and services, they provide a cost effective alternative to supplement our internal capabilities.”

    Chuck Stroda, Vice President, Procurement, Snyder’s-Lance Inc., Hanover, PA

  • “To sum up the HART Center in a few sentences is not an easy task. The cost effectiveness of the services provided along with the focus of the employees and staff is extraordinary. The prompt turnaround time and accuracy of our inventory once a job is completed is impeccable. Definitely a great community service to have available.”

    John Petchonka, Director of Operations, U.S. Media Partners, New York

  • “R.H. Sheppard’s relationship with the H.A.R.T. Center has spanned 40 years. The H.A.R.T. Center stands for quality, cost effectiveness, and guaranteed deadlines.”

    Oliver Hoar, Vice President, Manufacturing, R.H. Sheppard Company, Inc., Hanover, PA

  • “ESAB’s partnership with the H.A.R.T. Center allows us to expand our capabilities with additional products that help us service our customers. ESAB benefits from the H.A.R.T. Center’s quality of work, versatility, and fast response to new orders.”

    Brian Crawmer, Purchasing, ESAB Corporation, Hanover, PA